M.L. Reo Consulting

Equipment and Fixture Design and Fabrication

We make equipment and fixtures for Testing, Design Verification & Validation, Manufacturing, and Quality Inspection

Equipment and Fixturing
Design and Fabrication

Custom designed. Fully specified. Functional and aesthetic industrial design as you specify. Fully documented. Qualified according to SOP and Regulations with Test Method Validation (TMV) integration

We understand that equipment needs to follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Regulations.  We offer complete services that adapt to your Quality Management System (QMS).  Imagine that your equipment project has a plan, fixturing drawings on your templates change order ready, with manuals, work instructions, maintenance schedules, Test Method Validation (TMV) integration, Installation Qualifications (IQ), and Operation Qualifications (OQ) ready to go on your completed equipment.


Equipment for all facets of product development, testing, manufacturing, and inspection. Electromechanical systems, durability and fatigue testing, motion control, fully integrated testing stations, assembly stations, and more. Fully fabricated, programmed, and assembled. Manuals, Work Instructions (WI), Drawings, integration with Test Method Validation (TMV). For controls and monitoring, we can integrate with a Human Machine Interface (HMI) or LabView-based PC.


Fixturing for catheters, test systems, holding, cutting, drawing, molds, sorting, inspecting, welding, and bonding. Full documentation and integration. Instron Jaws, Balloon Molds, Jigs, Holders, RNF removal

Complete Equipment and Fixturing Services that fully integrate with your Quality Management System (QMS)

Specification Driven Equipment and Fixtures

We get the specifications from you or help you develop them, then design, program, review, document, build, and qualify the equipment for you. Fixturing goes through the same process.   If necessary we can integrate the equipment testing into the Test Method Validation (TMV).

We can fully automate with motion control, sensors, and readouts including programming PLCs, HMIs, or integrate with LabView as you need.

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Need custom equipment or fixturing?